Wednesday, April 4, 2012

OCRD vs South Florida

On Monday we got some homework from our coach, “Homework assignment Vets! I want you to write down a list of pros and cons about the bout for me. What are your thoughts about yourself, the refs, your team, and the coaching. This gives me a chance to hear your stories without using our practice time to do so.”

I was going to do a full write-up on the bout, but I think my homework really says a lot about the bout without me having to do a new post. Below is an edited version of what I sent to our coach.

  • Good communication in the pack
  • Pack aware of jammer location, informing others of upcoming jammer
  • On the knee starts were awesome, I enjoyed that they got us moving faster and we didn’t have any super slow and drawn out starts
  • Very few out of play issues on our side as compared to the last two bouts
  • Played as a team rather than individuals

  • Too many penalties
  • Too many mistakes made near the end, possibly due to tiredness? (still skating short, one day our team will have enough people to have a full roster and it will be awesome!)
  • Umm…we didn’t win?

    Thoughts on myself:
  • Way too much falling, could be due to bad stance, no balance, unpreparedness for hits?
  • Majorly need to improve: balance, stance, endurance, hits (especially hip checks), quick feet, lateral movement, general skating skills, breaking up walls, getting up faster, and rejoining the pack quickly
  • Need to be more aware of the other jammer’s location when I am jamming
  • Need to fight more when trying to get out of the pack, I don’t believe I pushed the wall as hard as I could have; I would like to be a more aggressive jammer
  • I’m proud that I got lead jammer twice, and I want to work hard to make sure that I get lead jammer and points more often when jamming; I seriously need to improve my speed and endurance for this to happen

    Thoughts on refs:
  • Made very fair calls on my majors (not counting my first major, because I have absolutely no idea what it was, so I have no idea if it was fair) – their calls made me realize that I straddle the line without even realizing I’m doing it, so I need to make a concentrated effort to stay on the damn track so I don’t get more track cuts in the future
  • Did not like how the refs were slow to call off the jams, especially when the jammers had to signal for an entire half of the track.

    Thoughts on team:
  • As a team, we didn’t use our learned skills in the bout (stepping into a hit, turning and hitting, putting our chest into the blockers, gut hits); I want to make an effort to try to use them more during our scrimmages at practice so they can possibly become second nature
  • Bench was more supportive than at the last bout
  • In my opinion, everyone’s level of playing and spirits were more elevated

We lost 212 to 160, but the score was within 10 points for a majority of the bout. We tried our hardest and can only get better!

BoneSaw and I hitting each other during the warm-up
photo by UnSENCERed photography

Clearly I found something interesting on the ground
photo by UnSENCERed photography

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